Employer 401(k) Plan Services

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Fidelity 401(k) Plans

Fidelity's 401(k) services offer everything you need to help you run an efficient, successful retirement plan that attracts and retains key talent and helps your employees prepare for a comfortable retirement. From comprehensive administrative and reporting to support around responsible investment decisions, we partner with you to help build a 401(k) that delivers value — for both your business and your employees.

Our 401(k) Plan Services for Businesses Can Help You:

Stay Current

Optimize your plan design, manage costs, and understand changing fiduciary duties with insights, resources, and reporting.

  • Take advantage of plan administration and consulting that helps analyze your plan design, prescribe solutions and measure your progress on an annual basis.
  • Get coordinated under a single service provider that offers the services you need.
  • Receive exclusive webcasts, a monthly newsletter, and insights on policies, regulations, and investment issues.
  • Select from a diversified investment offering and completely open architecture investing platform.
  • Find solutions, that work best for your business, and benchmark plan success with our investment consulting.
  • Get help streamlining plan administration and managing risk.
  • Access your plan data 24/7, and eliminate inefficient paperwork with Internet-based reporting tools and our Fidelity Plan Sponsor WebStation® (PSW®).

Create an Educated Workforce

Help your employees to achieve financial health and wellness with support from day one.

  • Keep employees informed with personalized, targeted communications to help them develop confidence in their decisions and understand next steps.
  • Provide participants with valuable support designed to empower them to improve behaviors and encourage them to invest appropriately for their goals.
  • Make planning easier with our professional help with choosing investments, our all-in-one lifecycle funds, and managed account services.
  • Foster continual learning, starting with investing during enrollment and onboarding, followed by reports that detail action steps, plan updates, and retirement insights.
  • Ensure secure access to online account information through our NetBenefits® Web site.
  • Let them know they can connect with Fidelity by logging into NetBenefits.com, calling a dedicated phone number, or visiting more than 190 Fidelity Investor Centers nationwide.

Leverage your advisor

  • Fidelity works with over 135,000 Financial Advisors and more than 6,000 investment firms.
  • Our exceptional plan administration, customer service and employee engagement programs integrate seamlessly with your advisors insight and leadership.
  • So if you work with an advisor today, include them in evaluating all of the advantages Fidelity can provide for you and your employees.

Start building a more loyal and competitive workforce today.

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