Total Retirement Outsourcing

Available to organizations with at least 15,000 participants
Total Retirement Outsourcing

Optimize performance and improve efficiency by integrating your plans into one comprehensive retirement benefits program. Fidelity’s Total Retirement Outsourcing (TRO) can help you manage and promote retirement benefits to raise awareness and help your employees stay on track to reach their future goals.

Fidelity’s Total Retirement Outsourcing (TRO) Can Help You:

Create a Complete Picture

Simplify administration and manage risk by connecting your plans.

  • Integrate your retirement plans 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit, and nonqualified plans as well as personal investing, stock, and HSA plans.
  • Streamline communication with one point of contact and a single source of information for participants.
  • Access a comprehensive view of all your benefits, plan transactions, and reporting through our secure Fidelity Plan Sponsor WebStation®24/7*.
  • Offer participants the best benefits with Fidelity offerings that continually evolve.

*There is a maintenance period when some services may not be available.

Give Support that Makes an Impact

Arm employees with the information and resources they need to help them plan their financial goals.

  • Help participants understand how different plans (e.g., their pensions, 401(k) plans, or nonqualified plans) affect each other with our world-class support.
  • Simplify their experience with one provider and a streamlined experience, participants understand their benefits better and use them more effectively.
  • Provide assistance when and how they need it – employees can call Fidelity, visit one of more than 190 Investor Centers, or visit our NetBenefits® Web site whenever they need help.

Guidance provided by Fidelity is educational in nature.

Start building a more loyal and competitive workforce today.

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