Total Benefits Outsourcing

Our comprehensive solution for larger organizations with at least 20,000 participants
Total Benefits Outsourcing

Integrate all your benefits into a single program with Total Benefits Outsourcing and let us handle the complex regulatory requirements, benefits administration, and participant support. We can help you take control of costs and help your employees manage theirs.

Fidelity’s Total Benefits Outsourcing (TBO) Can Help You:

Optimize Performance Across Plans

Simplify administration and manage risk by connecting your plans.

  • Integrate and optimize your performance across all plans – 401(k), Nonqualified, Defined Benefit, Health & Welfare, stock plans, and HSA’s
  • Work more effectively with just one point of contact
  • Access a comprehensive view of your benefits, plan transactions, and reporting through our secure Fidelity Plan Sponsor WebStation®24/7
  • Keep up with changing needs through Fidelity offerings that continually evolve

Give Participants World-Class Support

Help employees understand their benefits better and use them more effectively.

  • Simplify their experience with a single source of information
  • Give them access to the support they need when they need it – employees can call Fidelity, visit one of more than 190 Investor Centers, or visit our NetBenefits® Web site whenever they need assistance

Start building a more loyal and competitive workforce today.

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