Investment Only Account

Designed for organizations that do not need Fidelity’s record keeping services
Investment Only Account

Capitalize on our strength in the retirement plan market with an investment only account that gives you the ability to add Fidelity investment options to your plan lineup and access to quality investment management and products.

Fidelity’s Investment Only Plans Can Help You:

Feel Supported

Choose from Fidelity's vast selection of investment options and get support on structuring a plan that works best for your organization.

  • Leverage a dedicated Relationship Management team
  • Work more efficiently with a single point of contact, who will coordinate representatives in different areas to provide the support you need
  • Develop your investment menu with the assistance of our comprehensive consulting services

Benefit from Flexibility

Improve your plan with the investment options and trading capabilities needed for a flexible approach to investing.

  • Choose from a vast selection of quality investment options
  • Provide designated third-party administrators and trustees access to a flexible, efficient, and automated trading capabilities

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