Integrated 401(k), Health & Welfare and Payroll

Best for organizations with up to 1,000 employees
Integrated 401(k), Health & Welfare and Payroll

Increase efficiency, ease administration and manage your fiduciary risk with an Integrated Fidelity 401(k), Health & Welfare and Payroll solution. With one provider, your 401(k), health & welfare, and payroll benefits administration will be consolidated in one location, eliminating expensive redundancies.

Fidelity's Integrated 401(k), Health & Welfare and Payroll Solution Can Help You:

Reduce Costs and Risks

  • Eliminate funding gaps and fiduciary risk by automatically funding employee 401(k) accounts on payday.*
  • Save time with automated loan administration processing, simplified end-of-year testing and technology integration, removing the need to update multiple systems.
  • Provide employees with the ability to view and update their 401(k), health and welfare benefit elections and payroll information on one website.

* Funds will be invested in employee accounts on payday as long as good funds are received from the client and that payday is not an NYSE holiday.


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