Fidelity Health Marketplace

One-stop access for small and mid-sized businesses

Fidelity Health Marketplace offers one-stop access to health and welfare benefits for small and mid-sized businesses and their employees. The platform offers employers the ability to choose from an extensive network of national and regional medical, dental, vision, life and disability benefits, tax-savings options and access to wellness tools and programs. For your employees, we offer a decision tool to help employees select benefits during open enrollment and ongoing education all year round. This is all backed by Fidelity’s stellar customer service – for both you and your employees.

We’re here to make benefits as painless as possible

Our online platform, account management, and employee support are designed to give you and your employees the flexibility you want and the help you need — without the hassle you’ve come to expect with benefits administration.

You have a lot on your plate. Let us help.

  • Your Account Manager, a licensed insurance broker, will help you with ongoing benefits support, including:
    • Customized benefit recommendations and funding strategies reviewed each year
    • Updates on benefit news including regulatory and compliance alerts
    • Periodic review of your benefits strategy to determine what’s working, what’s not, and how we can improve
  • Access to our Employer Dashboard lets you check in on your benefits at any time.
  • Work with us to make sure proper payroll deductions are made. If you use Fidelity Payroll Services, deductions will be made automatically. If you use any other provider, we’ll provide you with the enrollment reporting you need.
  • Point your employees to us for ongoing education and help

Employees appreciate the benefits you provide – but they don’t appreciate the burdens of the selection process. Let us help.

  • Offer employees decision support to compare and select health coverage. We’ve built a smart decision tool into the Fidelity Health MarketplaceSM experience that takes the guesswork out of choosing health coverage. We’ll ask about your unique benefits needs, what kind of benefits management you’ve done in the past, and most importantly, where you’d like to go in the future.
  • Provide employees with someone to talk to. As a Fidelity company, dedication to customer service is in our DNA. Whether you need guidance during open enrollment in November, or when you’re using your benefits in April, you can get the support you need through our call center.
  • Offer additional services that make getting good health care more convenient. Whether it’s providing your employees access to telehealth tools or giving them quick, easy access to transparency tools or second opinion services, Fidelity Health Marketplace wants to make sure employees have convenient, and cost-effective, alternatives that fit into their busy lives.

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