403(b) Retirement Plan Services

Best suited for organizations with more than $1 million in plan assets
Fidelity 403(b) Plan Assets

We know that over the past few years, regulatory requirements for tax-exempt organizations' retirement plans have changed dramatically. As a result, you are facing new responsibilities, like increased plan documentation and approval requirements, the need for more employee education, and additional financial responsibilities.

We can help you comply with regulations and maximize the benefits of your plan.

Our comprehensive suite of 403(b) retirement services includes:

  • Plan design resources
  • Compliance services
  • Consulting

Single-Vendor 403(b) Solution

Keep track of your plan and stay up to date with the latest compliance regulations with comprehensive recordkeeping from a single provider.

Fidelity’s Single Vendor 403(b) Plan Can Help You: Enjoy Hassle Free Plan Administration

With Fidelity as your dedicated vendor, you can use our proven systems and comprehensive support to help cut plan management time and reduce hassles.

  • Draw on consultative support with both the planning and administration of your compliance efforts
  • Help your employees transfer their assets seamlessly with our support

Start simplifying your plan with our single vendor 403(b) solution today.

Multi-Vendor 403(b) Solution

Offer your employees the chance to choose which provider service model and investments are best for them with a multi-vendor 403(b) solution.

Fidelity’s Multi-Vendor 403(b) Plan Can Help You:

Provide Participants with Options

Give your employees access to retirement planning resources, and planning tools.

  • Get support around managing to a single plan document (per IRS regulations) across vendors
  • Consult with the pros on 403(b) regulations

Get Supported with Fidelity 403(b) Compliance Complete®

Benefit from the support you need to manage increased administrative burden

  • Plan design resources can help you manage and simplify your multi-vendor 403(b) offering
    • Plan Document Services offers a sample 403(b) plan document, adoption agreement, and summary plan description, all customized for your plan
    • Plan-Level Reporting gives you on-demand access for assets recordkept at Fidelity
    • Consolidated Communication and education offers unbiased enrollment and transition plan communications for multi-vendor plans
    • Testing and reporting services are ongoing from a dedicated and experienced team
    • Plan Design options are made simple to understand with consulting support
    • Plan Simplification Services improve operational efficiency for multi-vendor plans
    • Data Consulting Services include simplification, cleanup and conversion to industry-sanctioned SPARK format
  • Compliance Services keep you thriving in today’s regulatory environment
    • Catch-Up Contributions are recordkept for age-50 and lifetime contributions
    • Notifications help ensure delivery of all required communication in appropriate time frames
    • 5500 Reporting Services offer a year-end plan summary package for ERISA plans (signature-ready option available)
    • Common Remitter Services simplify contribution processing and reporting across multi-vendor plans
    • QDRO Qualification allows for review and qualification outsourcing for ERISA and non-ERISA plans
    • Distribution Outsourcing includes administrative and qualification services for loans and hardships
    • 415 Limit Monitoring details your responsibilities under the new regulations in a step-by-step guide, including sample communications and optional nondiscrimination testing services

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