Plan for Life

Helping your employees achieve the retirement they envision

A key part of every Fidelity benefits offering, Plan for Life can help all your employees plan for retirement, because it speaks to each person in a uniquely individual way.

The experience is directed by our 3-D personalization engine, where their help is based on:

  • WHO they are
  • HOW they're performing in the plan
  • WHAT they're currently doing to engage with us

This 3-D composite allows us to provide a personalized experience across all channels, and makes next steps more actionable.

Committed to innovation, we invest in both high-tech and high-touch channels to deliver consistent guidance across all platforms, so if employees switch from one to the other, we can pick up the interaction exactly where they left off.

We’re confident we can help you achieve better outcomes for your plan, because it’s our culture never to be satisfied with yesterday’s results.

Start building a more loyal and competitive workforce today.

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